It’s more than just coffee

Captain Ri and Yoon Seri lied to all of us – freshly roasted coffee is not as delicious as they said it is. Roasted beans should be left to rest for up to 10 days at least to allow for its structure to form. Yes, structure. Coffee has structure and I’ve fully experienced this just recently after having claimed to be a coffee addict for several years now. Reading Megan Markle’s The Tig, I’d say now I understand when she described the wine having arms and legs as she took a sip. Same for coffee. I took a sip and I was transported back to my Christmas mornings when there’re chocolates and chestnuts and oranges and the cool breeze is too gentle it was too difficult to get off my pajamas. Nostalgia. Pure childhood umami.

The coffee workshop I attended was Sugar’s birthday gift to me, a perfect complement to the giant boob mug I received for the same occasion. It taught me how to use v60 properly and allowed me to work on the intimidating espresso machine. Coffee is best when prepared using the right tools, timing, and water temperature. It is even better when you watch someone do it for you and save your inexperienced fingers from blisters and accidental burns because the aroma, the perfectly calculated hand movements, the flow of water from the gooseneck kettle, and the bubbles during the blooming process can really lull you into a peaceful awe. This same process gives your coffee the body it needs to transport you to your important memories it’s almost like magic. Latte still tastes great even if you suck at latte art, but I guess it’s the pride of being able to leave a heart foam on top of your cup that makes it more special.


My dislike towards dessert coffee a.k.a. Starbucks is somehow justified. Asking for a double tall hot caramel macchiato is cool-sounding, but if I’ll be honest it’s too sweet and didn’t really give me comfort on days I need it the most. It only gave me the opportunity to spend more money than I have to, and be alone in a table for two and think about why life sucks sometimes as I listen to classic jazz.

I suck at latte art!


So, am I going to ditch my coffee maker and ground coffee beans? Probably not. I mean, my coffee maker is my solitary companion during the days when my quarantine situation was at its worst. But maybe I should look for whole-bean coffee, grind it myself, and help farmers up their livelihood. Talk about farm to cup process. Too special. Pretty friendly to Mother Earth too. Shopee and Lazada have lots to offer on v60 sets and I can feel my surrender one of these days. I need it to make a decent elixir for my hyperacidic Ultimate Crush lol

Because it’s more than just coffee. It’s even more than a hug. It’s the pixie dust for humans.


you two broke my heart with this lie 🙁
If you want to attend the workshop, visit @arcanaph on Instagram and level up your coffee experience.

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