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Like anybody, I wanted to find out if my life was making any sense, or maybe even feel like a story.

Douglas Coupland, Eleanor Rigby


Hello! My friends call me Beth, and this is my story.

I am an author. I started writing stories in high school, at the back of my math notebook. I shifted to yellow lined papers in junior year, and one of my manuscripts was confiscated by the journalism teacher. I tried to rewrite that story. It is available for reading in Wattpad.

When I am not working, I am usually curled up with a good book, highlighting the words that struck me the most. If not, I am firing up my keyboard, writing stories about the strangers who live rent-free in my head. They’d meet in cute places, fall in love, engage in consensual safe sex, and eventually question themselves about their life choices and talk about it with their support group (well, not particularly in that order). On days when I am tired and I want to get back at them for attacking me at three in the morning demanding their happy ending as soon as possible, I’d watch Asian dramas or maybe a series that’s meant for smart people so I’d feel smart too. 

The sunshine is irresistible sometimes, so I’d convince myself to completely doll up and go out. Then I’d find a dainty coffeeshop that’s not just instagrammable but actually serve exceptional coffee and perhaps some pastries to go along with it. It’d be so much better if they offer phenomenal pasta too.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok @bethgstories.

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