Hello, it’s me!

National Museum, July 2018

So, I see you stumbled upon my site.

My name’s Elizabeth. Sounds regal, right? Elizabeth I of England. Queen Elizabeth II. It’s also biblical. The cousin of Mary, the mother of God, is Elizabeth. I’ve even read somewhere that Elizabeth means God’s promise. And how can I forget Ms. Elizabeth Bennet, one of the most unfailing beauty and wit in the history of literature? But my friends call me Beth, which I think is totally fine as long as I can hear the “th” in the end, otherwise it sounds like a gambling bet. Oh and yeah, I’ve been told that my name actually suits a white girl more than an Asian like me (racist!).

I am an author, and I write contemporary romance stories both in English and Filipino. I write book reviews on Amazon and edit manuscripts ready for publishing to earn money and pay my bills and meds.

I am always trying – trying to find ways to satisfy my ceaseless curiosity. I am trying to make myself feel better and motivated by the number of cups of coffee I’ve taken during the day. I am trying to finish the forgotten WIPs in my plot bunny vault, stories I’ve thought of and formulated with my best friend Nicole over Instagram messaging. I am trying to listen to new songs in an attempt to update my 18-year-old playlist. I am trying to defy my chronic illness in any way I can (I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 2012) because I don’t want to be defined as the woman with chronic illness but the woman who wrote one of the greatest stories ever told, whatever story that is. I am trying to be generous and helpful, and seize every opportunity to be a good person (despite my resting bitch face). I am trying to make beautiful things even if nobody cares. I am trying to live, and see if my life will ever make sense, or maybe even feel like a story.

Join me in my perpetual attempt to gather all my thoughts in one place, all to no avail. 😀