The Makeup Products I Only Ever Need

I am not a makeup junkie, but there are days when I love to doll up and paint my face. For someone like me who’s perpetually pale because of whatever nutrients I am lacking (I’m sick, remember?), along with the uncontrollable acne breakouts and moon face because of medications, makeup somehow helps me bring back that confidence that MG sometimes manage to stomp out of me. I have almost all the makeup products that I thought I need in order to pull off certain looks I want to achieve. But recently, as I think of the zero waste lifestyle and how I could start doing that, I knew I need to let go of the things I really don’t need. So here are the products I ended up having in my makeup bag that I use every day (or rather, whenever I go out of the house).
Base. I do not use foundations as I always feel like I look overrated whenever I wear one. Plus, it feels heavy on the face. What have been using these days is this Chic Candy CC Cream (I think I got it online). It effectively evens out my skin tone and it’s also stuck on my face for more than eight hours.
Powder. I’ve tried a lot of face powders but I always, always go back to my ultimate classic—Maybelline Pressed Powder (see I’ve already hit pan). I bring it with me wherever I go to whatever occasion because I super love it. It leaves my face shine-free for hours plus, it has coverage. Just light coverage though, but still.
Brows. Thank God I’m blessed with thick eye brows. There’s not much of a product I need for my brows, I just have to fill it up so it looks fuller and then brush them in place. This drawing eyebrow from Etude House is my ultimate favorite because it glides so well on my eyebrow hairs and it also comes with a spoolie to put the hairs in place.
Eyeliners. I looove eyeliners. I can’t live without eyeliners and so I have a lot of them in my stash. I am the coal liner girl so for me, may it be from the drugstore or from a high end brand, it doesn’t really matter as long as they do the job. I am putting here my holy grail drugstore eyeliner—Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil.

Mascara. As you can see, I am big on eye products. This Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Express Mascara does the job of making my eyelashes look like I’m wearing falsies, especially when partnered with my ever-reliable eyelash curler (I already forgot where I got it).
Blush. To put some color on my pale face, I would either put a powder or a cream blush. But I am a big fan of Maybelline products because they’re affordable and does the job that I want them to do (this is not sponsored so, hello Maybelline!). This Maybelline Color Show Blush is always in my makeup bag too.
Lip products. I looove red lipsticks, the way I love eye products big time! I think I have around 20 reds, and I am not sure how many are the other colors. But then not every day you’re in love, so there are days when I just want to wear a nude color (I don’t think the nurse would appreciate it if I wear red lipstick during hospital checkups lol). So there are two lipsticks that I picked for this feature—this Revlon lipstick in Pink in The Afternoon and Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Downtown Red. I also included here a lip and cheek balm and a lip shiner from For Me because they’re cute and I use them at times when I feel like I’m being the old me—the powder and lip and cheek girl.
So these are the only makeup products I ever need in my makeup bag. I’ve been looking for stores where I could purchase products like this zero waste, and thankfully there are some (I just haven’t found one that sells eye makeup here in the PH). I’m just gonna continue using what I have for now then buy sustainable zero waste replacements.
Always remember, happiest girls are the prettiest. So with or without these products, I’m sure we’ll all be beautiful as long as we’re happy.
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Beth G. ♥

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