Table for one: Lucca Bakery

Nicole introduced me to Lucca Bakery as she wanted their five-layer chocolate cake for her wedding. It became our “place” after that, where we’d catch up over cups of coffee, otherwise formulate scenes for my next story which usually involve our ultimate celebrity crushes and ourselves. But my girl has to leave, so I’d sometimes go there by myself, thinking of the good times and that’s when I would be able to play with words and write again.

The bakery has been there for years now, and the only branch I know is located at SM Megamall. This place is perfect for grown-up catch ups (when you gossip with class) and I sincerely believe it was built in a way that would encourage people to talk to each other rather than hide behind their laptops and consume a single cup of americano for their six-hour stay. With its variety of excellent food in affordable prices, I think this is the place where everyone in the barkada belongs, when all of them are tired of fast food and the lines in milk tea shops get longer and longer.

I remember it was several months ago when I was down so low, and thought that the only thing that could effectively cheer me up is that five-layer chocolate cake—the thing that kept us coming back for more. Because when you’re heartbroken that even enemies are willing to cheer you up and make you whole again, just one sweet bite of that devil will keep your tears from falling. Well, okay, maybe that was just me.

Look, just two nights ago I went there and bought myself this red-velvet cupcake to celebrate an answered prayer. Getting back in the office because the damned elevator is up and running again calls for a celebration, as much as landing a new part-time home-based job. Sometimes I’ll get the butterscotch cookie or a slice of brazo de Mercedes just for the sake of the variety. But whatever little triumph I may have, or a heart bruise, I’ll come here and remember that once there was a woman who told me that when a star dies, another one is born and so we should keep on dreaming.

Lucca Bakery doesn’t just offer a place to catch up over good food. It also offers moments to remember.

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