My make up essentials for everyday (the 2020 version)

Let’s get the pretty started!

It’s been two years since the last time I posted about makeup, and god, how I missed it!

I do not have a lot of things in my make up bag – I successfully downsized the makeup products I own to the ones I only use on a regular basis. I think as you get older, you’ll develop the habit of keeping it basic, buying just the things you need and stop wasting money for stuff that won’t kill you not to have (or maybe this is just me, idk). For how long I can keep this, I don’t know – because soon there’s a package somewhere full of make-up on its way to my doorstep. But for now, here are the make up products I use everyday. 


I categorise sunscreen as a skincare product so it’s going to appear on a different entry (please watch out for it) and I only use primers when I feel so extra in the morning, or to make sure that my make up stays in place for when I have somewhere else to go after work . I was never the foundation girl – bb creams and cc creams are my go to if only to put a barrier between my face and the pollution of Metro Manila. The BLK Universal Skin Tint Sun Shield in Butterscotch is what I use these days – it makes me look fresh and glowing, plus it has a satin finish so my skin doesn’t look too flat after I apply it. Then I am going to set this with Maybelline Pressed Powder, the powder I’ve been using ever since the beginning of time. I’ve tried other powders, but I always come back to this. I guess first love never really dies. 


If to others, kilay is life, mine is eyeliner is life because it does wonders to my eyes. My favourite Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner was out of stock when I went to buy one, so I decided to pick up another brand and I ended up with the Easy Eyeliner in Black from The Saem. For the mascara, I wanted to try something different so I ended up with the Perfect Curling Mascara also from The Saem. Not that I don’t like the way this works, but I feel like I’m gonna end up getting the Maybelline Hypercurl Volume Mascara again when I’m done with this one (haha!). For the brows, I don’t need a lot of product, just the Defining Eyebrow Pencil from The Face Shop does the job in filling my brows, and I’ll just brush the hairs in place using its spoolie.

Multi-Purpose Products

Eversince I’ve discovered BLK’s Creamy Cheek Paint, cream blushes have become my favourite tint of all time. I love how cream blushes dissolve in my skin and and make me look like I’m perpetually smitten, or embarrassed. I got the Glam Pocket in The Bomb from Skin Potions for Christmas and I easily became obsessed with it. Its peachy shade gives me that natural flush, if not a drunk blush effect depending on how I applied it. What’s more, it also comes with a highlighter, a make up product I just discovered last year, and I’m just in love with how it gives me the glow I need (now I’m like where are the highlighters all my life?!). The Colourette Coloursnap in Lucky is also a bomb, if I want that pinkish glow, while the Water Fit Tint in Picnic Red from The Face Shop is perfect for when I am after the Korean ombre red lips. Oh and yeah. Glam Pocket and Coloursnap also works as eyeshadow, for that monochrome effect. 


Oh yes, I currently own four shades of lippies, all from BLK and I love just how I was able to keep myself from buying more! I figured I only need two shades though, a nude and a bolder color so I picked these Mini Soft Matte Mousse in Garnet and Rose Quartz for this entry. The formula is so soft and creamy, a far cry from the matte lipsticks that dominate the market these days that do nothing but make my lips dry and dull. I use Rose Quartz everyday, while Garnet is for when of course, I want to look fiercer. I also have my go-to lip balm, the Born Lippy from The Body Shop to keep my lips moisturised. The Outrageous Plump Lip Gloss in Rose Oversize is also in my stash for that plump, glossy, 90s lips. 
See, I don’t need a lot of makeup products for everyday, and I can even have upgraded glam looks just with all the products mentioned in here. And yes, with these products I can make myself look so put together within 6 minutes, tops. But always keep in mind that these are just superficial stuff, and that happy girls are the prettiest so always keep that smile because that’s the most beautiful accessory you can ever have. 
Stay happy, and pretty. 

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