Letterbox gift set suggestions you can easily make at home

Gift-giving must be overrated during these troubled times. But what we always forget is that gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, you can just put together random (but definitely useful) things you can find in your home and put together a nice letterbox gift set. It’s economical because you’d only spend a little amount of money. It’s sustainable because you do not need to use extra resources. Plus, it’s thoughtful and sweet because what’s more special than a gift that is carefully thought of?

Here are some of the letterbox gift sets you can put together at home, and I’d be more than delighted to receive one of them. 

Bullet journaling box. My fondness for bullet journaling is all over this blog. Naturally, I have a lot of extra supplies in my stash that I am easily able to put together a gift set for that. This is best for your friends who are into journaling, or anyone in your family who simply loves to write and doodle. The box includes a notebook, coloured pens, a cute fountain pen, and a set of washi tapes.  

New baby box. Some of my friends are about to give birth, and I just think that onesies and other baby stuff are just too popular a few people can only think of a baby journal. The baby’s firsts—steps, bite to solid food, word, and the likes are important and should be kept not only in memory but also in snapshots. Most parents would prefer these memories in videos but trust me when I say old school is still the best. This box includes a spiral blank notebook, metallic pens, washi tapes, and gel pens. You can also include baby svg printed in sticker paper for more decorative baby journal. 

“I Love You, Dad” box. Dads are surprisingly not too hard to please when it comes to gifts (well, at least mine is). All I had to do is think of what he likes—coffee, peanuts, and silk-screen printing. If your dad’s like me, you can just put together his favorite coffee and a coffee cup in a box. Plus, some printed dad svg for his silk-printing hobby.

Hygiene box. Hygiene kit has been there ever since the beginning of time—it always has a space in my bag whenever I’d be out of the house the whole day. Its importance cannot be warranted even more now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. In this box, I was able to put together an alcohol spray, surgical masks, mask organizer, and a germicidal soap. WHO must be proud of me!

“Time to relax” box. Work from home is such a stressful ordeal, so I need to look for ways on how to calm myself in an extra-tiring WFH day. This box is probably the easiest one to put together, next to the bullet journaling box. It includes a lavender bath soap, massage balm, calming essential oil, sheet masks, and packets of dried fruit teas.

There is something therapeutic about finding the time to curate something for someone, and likewise, to receive something thoughtful from a special person. Letterboxes perfectly does the job, plus it has far more benefits. 

What sort of letterbox are you going to put together for someone? Let’s talk about it in the comments section. 


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