Getting cozy at Zoo Coffee

No, it’s not the first time I went here, and heaven knows (along with my plot bunny vault) how many stories Nicole and I have formulated in this place, just like what we did in Lucca. Or how many copies of my books I’ve sold and handed to my friends over cups of coffee on its wooden tables. Or how many lonely afternoons I’ve spent here thinking about my life and my long term plans even though I totally suck at planning, just like what I was probably doing the evening I went there. It was a Thursday night, and as much as I wanted to go home and call it a day, I went there in hopes of clearing out my clouded head.

I was supposed to get one of their pastas, but I wasn’t feeling the salted egg spaghetti which was the only thing left on the menu, so I settled for dessert. I remember just how overwhelming their waffles were, both it terms of serving and inexpensiveness, so I went with the mango waffle, and of course, black coffee. Besides, my frustration brought about my own decision to go to Alice’s Tea Salon for lunch the day before (this is another story) hasn’t ebbed away yet, plus I tackled spreadsheets that day which I miraculously did right despite the fact that I only understood half of what I was doing. It was a handed over task, as one of my colleagues/superfriend has left the company. So yes, I don’t deserve less than this sinfully sweet mango waffle, which, for the love of God, has a scoop of mango ice cream on the side. What could possibly be a cooler consolation than that?

But Zoo Coffee is a theme cafe–and it’s interior is blessed with stuffed animals, and some of them are even sitting on tables which give you the illusion of being with someone even if you’re on a table for one. The poor toy can listen to all your silent woes, about how bad the traffic is and that’s why you decided to stop by for coffee and relax before going home. Or maybe your rants about how ridiculous it is to live in Duterte’s Philippines. And it doesn’t matter what you want to say really, because unlike a real human being, these toys won’t judge you for being a whiner. They won’t ask you about the things you’ve actually done that could change the world, because if they did that, you might have no answer.

There aren’t many people in Zoo Coffee, and this is also what I like about this place. Does it say something about the quality of food? I don’t know. Does it say something about the price? I have no idea. But if I were to choose between the overrated-forever-symbol-of-consumerism Starbucks and Zoo Coffee, it would be an easy choice.

I heard there’s another branch of Zoo Coffee in McKinley. I haven’t gone there yet, but I wish I could, one day, someday. But for now, let me go back to finishing this manuscript I’ve been editing for more than a month now.

What is your usual after-work past time/shenanigans. Let’s talk about it down below.


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