The Sunday Currently | 04

So here I am again in this Sunday series that makes this space alive these days. There were no films and kdramas this weekend – I attended my best friend’s baby’s gender reveal and I’m gonna be an auntie of another baby boy.

Time flies by when you’re having fun, and it seems like I’ve been having fun because it didn’t occur to me that the first quarter of 2022 has just ended. Did I accomplish anything? Of course, none. But I kept breathing deeper, inhaling the scent of life. I continued to be amazed by the things I do at work. I remained unbothered by the things that don’t make me happy. That’s a huge biggie if I may say so myself.

So here’s my Sunday…

reading Before The Coffee Gets Cold, Tales From The Cafe. I finally started on it and I need to finish because the first book was amazing!

writing character outlines for something new.

listening to Super Junior ballads. Iba talaga ang arrive kapag ka-age bracket mo ang pinapakinggan hahaha

thinking about how am I gonna achieve my 2nd quarter goals because to be honest, I feel like they are all so ambitious and I am too lazy doing stuff for myself sometimes.

smelling the peppermint balm I applied to my body… I have cold for 2 days now and I started coughing this morning and I feel sluggish. No, it’s not covid.

hoping that tomorrow I am feeling better.

wearing a blue boho top and the denim shorts I bought yesterday. I should change into something more comfortable while I continue to edit this story I am so honored to be getting the first glimpse of it.

loving the way God has been blessing me this entire time and I should be ashamed for skipping the mass.

wanting a long, dreamless sleep.

needing a 2-hour body massage.

feeling hot and feverish.

I hope you had a great weekend too!


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