The Sunday Currently | 03

My weekends have always been about myself, and I’d like to keep it that way. I remember when I was in the BPO industry, on my way to work on Friday nights, I’ll stop by a stall by the MRT station to buy pirated DVDs of movies I could watch come Saturday morning. That’s how I finished almost all Angelina Jolie films, Nicholas Sparks’ films, and other boy movies. Fast forward to 2022, I still watch films illegally because I am not going to pay something I know I won’t be able to maximize. Besides, I’ve just been watching kdrama these days. This weekend I watched another kdrama over cheap red wine, olives, cheese, crackers, and sausages. Now We’re Breaking Up is a slow-paced drama with a lot of employee abuse going on and I was about to give it up until Young-eun stood up for herself against the two idiots who wanted to impose power and masculinity over her.

But some work needs to be done, and so I did on a Sunday morning. I need that extra cash for EXO’s concert ticket.

So here’s my Sunday so far…

reading none. I devoted my free time this month to kdramas.

writing some landing pages for work, a 2500-word essay on motherhood AND how to write a fantasy novel AND how to do indie publishing.

listening to CNBLUE‘s Wanted album.

thinking about how people can read Bible passages to your face and still choose a thief. I mean, why are you using God and the Bible in your political debate? Stop calling God when you’re just gonna ask him to let the liar win. Or maybe it’s a different God you’re calling.

smelling dinner, it’s chicken adobo

hoping that my tomorrow is short and my coffee, strong.

wearing a Sesame Street pajamas. I’m jumping into the shower after this, okay? So please don’t judge me!πŸ˜…

loving the quiet weekend I am having, I’ve been dozing on and off and every one of us needs that I guess.

wanting a sheet mask on my face because my skin feels so tired and dry.

needing extra cash for the EXO concert, a hotel staycation, and a 2-hour body massage.

feeling good and relaxed.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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