The Sunday Currently | 02

I am starting to think I may have the potential to keep this prompt for a long time this time around.

The week was rough, my brain had to spew out words for a new website and an article about postpartum so I treated myself to salmon and tuna sashimi on Friday, and partnered them with soju mixed with Yakult while I watched Kim Soo Hyun‘s One Ordinary Day until the next morning. I ate a hefty amount of raw fish, but I was happy and didn’t feel funny after. The cocktail was bomb so I might do it again next weekend, I just have to put plenty of ice. And the drama… ooh the drama was another one of Soohyun’s finest, this time he’s a college boy who got accused of rape and murder. He’s a pretty boy that a retiree detective hungry for recognition has all the reasons to believe his beautiful eyes are full of deceit. I wanna write a review of it.

So here’s my Sunday so far.

reading I didn’t pick up a book the entire weekend, but I really mean to read something tonight. My unread books are piled up – I’ll pick up something I can finish quickly.

writing some more content for a new website, a 2500-word essay on pregnancy, and a book to proofread and layout, and I am loving it!πŸ˜…

listening to a Kpop mellow playlist I created last month. I’ve been LSSing on EXO-CBX’s Paper Cuts and I get emotional every damn time it plays because I imagine Baekhyun’s cracked voice when they performed it live before Minseok’s military enlistment.

thinking about the old blogs entries I wrote and the reasons why I hid them. Sure, some of them are too hideous but most of them took some braining to write. I revisited each one of them, since the 2014 posts and realized that my life is one exciting story.

smelling the Tesco Red Berries Tea in front of me. I just got home from an IPL session and a grocery run for my midnight snacking shenanigans and I want to relax a little bit. Pat used to say it tastes a lot like Starbucks’ hibiscus tea.

hoping that my tomorrow is short and my coffee, strong.

wearing a blue shirt and a blue patterned skirt. Had I worn pink, I might have joined VP Leni’s campaign rally in Pasig today.

loving the old-school layout of the blog I am migrating to. I am just making sure that the links won’t be affected hence the revisitation of my old entries.

wanting a sheet mask on my face because my skin feels so tired and dry.

needing a new Jung Yong Hwa drama. Or music. Or vlog. I’m craving for him right now and the Japan online concert tix due tomorrow costs a fortune that I had to pass. 😭

feeling tired but happy.

I hope you had a great weekend too!

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