Kdrama review: Flower of Evil

I started watching this drama right after Junmyeon’s live stream event in February and my cousins and I planned for a sleepover party to our fangirl hearts’ content. Anyway, we got bored after the streaming and flipped Netflix for some action so my Blink nephew recommended Flower of Evil. Remembering the gorgeous Wang So that broke my heart so many years ago, we gave it a go.

flower of evil cover

Baek Hee Seong is a perfect man – a handsome and loving husband to his detective wife Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and a wonderful dad to his cute little daughter Eunha. Except that he wasn’t really Heeseong. He’s Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi), the son of the infamous serial killer Do Min Seok some 20 years prior, and who’s also believed to be responsible for the murder of their village foreman.

The deceit

I can’t blame the dude for assuming someone else’s identity. Being the son of a renowned serial killer ain’t easy, and it doesn’t help that Hyunsoo allegedly suffers from antisocial disorder and appears that he’s unable to feel proper emotions just like us normal people, kinda like Almond‘s Yoonjae. Was it a childhood trauma of losing his mom at a very young age? The drama didn’t tell us anything. But while his lack of ability to express and even feel emotions made it worse for him, he came out to be a great dad and husband that it would be way too hard for Jiwon to believe he was really a murderer. But even just for one second I know I never believed Hyunsoo could kill a person. He was just an extremely misunderstood man who needed a clean slate and a chance to start over.

The twists and turns

At one point in the drama, I really thought Baek Man Woo was the vilest of them all. After all, he’s a hospital director and he has lots of money and connections to the point of being able to fake his son’s identity. Human trafficking happens everywhere and for various reasons, including the selling of internal organs to the black market (someone’s got too much dose of fiction books and Pinoy action drama). What if he was the real serial killer? What if, just like the taxi driver who kidnapped Hyunsoo during an earlier episode, Do Min Seok was also in search of his wife, got involved with these bad men, and somehow got framed for all the killings that happened? Or maybe it was just the real Baek Hee Seong all along, who performed a killing spree because he and his dad will acquire loads of money if they’re able to sell to dad’s hospital patients the organs of those they killed? Sick right?

Except that none of those actually happened in the drama.

Baek Man Woo and Do Min Seok are both evil men who’d do anything for the welfare of their sons. Baek Hee Seong and Do Hyun Soo? No, I can’t find any similarity except that they are both drop-dead gorgeous. If it wasn’t for Joongi’s jawline and superb acting, I might have fallen too hard for Kim Ji Hoon.

flower of evil baek hee seong
i swooned over this rough guy

Almost perfect

If you’d ask me what’s the saddest word in the English language, I’d say it’s almost. You’re there, but not quite. Finally, you’re with that person you want to be with, but not really. Hyunsoo was perfect in so many ways… almost. Who would have thought that behind those soulful eyes lies a brutal truth? Who would have imagined that those arms that have become Jiwon’s refuge after a horrible day in her line of work only gave superficial warmth? Who would have guessed that this sweet dad who constantly played and drew pictures with his little daughter endured an extremely troubled childhood? Who would have believed that he chose to live the rough life just because he was protecting someone he loved dearly? None. No one would actually look at all these good things about him because his name has been tainted with the blood of all the murders his father committed.

I might have doubted his kisses though. For someone who claims he’s never been with a woman, his kisses were all too experienced. Subtle, but needy. Slow, but claiming.

Compassion really goes a long way

I hated the guts of Choi Jae Sub, but maybe I was just so full of doubt that I decided to side with the accused. Later on, I realized that he was just doing his job as a detective and that he has all the right in the world to suspect Heeseong/Hyunsoo about so many things. He’s bad news, he says to Jiwon. When he finally discovered the truth about Hyunsoo, I hoped to heavens that he’d consider Jiwon’s situation but still, I low-key expected him to show up in the morning of the arrest. And he did. No, he didn’t think of Jiwon’s feelings, but the thought of a tragedy that struck two siblings and made them go against the world overnight made him change his mind completely.

Kim Moo Jin, on the other hand, was caught in the familiar feelings brought by his first love. At first, I thought it was the guilt that he carried for 20 years that he felt the need to take care of Do Hae Soo (Hyunsoo’s sister). After all, she left him just when she needed him the most. But I considered the fact that he was a teenager when it happened – a mere kid who’s lost and confused and scared of all the things he witnessed and transpired within the Haesoo’s family. 20 years later, it was clear that what he had all along was regret, and if he was given the chance to turn back the time and undo the things he did, I’d say he’d take it in a heartbeat.

flower of evil moojin and haesoo

But, how could you forget?

I can’t say I am a fan of this part, at least at first. Somehow it felt contrived but perfectly fits the premise. I mean, if you want to forget things, why don’t forget the bad ones and not the good ones, right? Well okay, having a choice is not really a question here but still. I remember one kdrama in my youth where the evil woman lost the memories of all the things she didn’t want to remember. On the other hand, the amnesia actually opened an opportunity of leaving everything behind and start again with the genuine truth.

flower of evil kiss
“caught by the taste of your kiss”

Should you watch it?

Absolutely. Flower of Evil is not your usual rom-com mushy drama that takes you from your reality. There’s a different reality going on here, something that made me remember one of the many conversations young Sheldon Cooper had with his Meemaw.

Meemaw: Sheldon, what’s on a person’s face is not always what’s in their heart.

Sheldon: Well, this changes everything. How do you know who to trust?

Meemaw: You don’t. That’s what makes life interesting.

Young Sheldon, S01 EP03

Stay sane, kids! Watch Kdramas.

flower of evil hug
‘You guided me out of the storm, I found a home in your arms of gold”

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