The Sunday Currently | 04

The past work week was tough – a lot tougher that the previous weeks I had. There were tons of things that needed to be done, and I had to take Friday afternoon off due to frequent trips to the toilet (too much info, my boss says). Still I am grateful, a tough work week is loads better than no work at all. Besides, Yong Hwa’s Alohwa #5 in vLive last Wednesday wasn’t just a pleasant surprise and an opportunity to get Alohwabong out of its box, it was also a sweet escape! Plus, I’ve been using essential oils to help me focus on work at day, and lift my stress at night. I should write about them in a separate entry. For now, let me tell you what my Sunday looks like.

Reading nothing right now… I stopped reading Strange Weather in Tokyo. Don’t get me wrong – the book is interesting but I just can’t seem to have the energy to read. My head is just too tangled.

Writing nothing right now, aside from this entry. But I recently accepted some writing gigs to further sustain my Kpop shenanigans. 😅

Listening to If Only by Sejeong. It’s one of Legend of the Blue Sea’s OST, and one of the older songs in my Kdrama playlist. The fun fact is that, I recently discovered that this Sejeong and Sehun’s Sejeong in Busted is the same. I haven’t seen that series yet but I want to ship them already!

Thinking of more topics to post in this blog. I feel like I should be writing more, and keep this thing more active.

Smelling the rain. Ahhh, how I love this smell, along with coffee.

Wishing I could find a pillow with Yong Hwa’s face printed on it. If you know a good Shopee store, please comment down below. TIA!

Hoping that the coming week is less cruel.

Wearing the pajama set I recently bought from Shopee. I bought 4 pairs, and they’re too comfortable they’ve become my official lounge wear.

Loving the new bed frame dad made for me!

Wanting to go out so bad, but of couse I can’t!

Needing more time to rest. 😅

Feeling neutral.

How was you week? Let’s hit the sack early because tomorrow’s another work day!

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