The Sunday Currently | 03

Hooray for this week’s episode of my version of The Sunday Currently—it’s supposed to be the fifth but obviously I was too lazy busy with other things and so I skipped two Sundays. I was planning to write about my Alohwabong which arrived a couple of weeks ago (I have an unboxing video right here), and also about how I spent the last Saturday marathoning Rurouni Kenshin movie brought about my Takerou Satoh fever from Love Lasts Forever. Anyway, this weekend I finished watching another Kdrama which I can’t wait to write about too, but I still have no idea on how to do it so let me just dive in to today’s entry highlight.

Reading… uhm, I still haven’t finish reading that book, Strange Weather In Tokyo. I haven’t been reading lately, even just a chapter or two. And I miss those days when I could finish an entire novel in just one night and write what I thought about it the very next day. I know I have to make the time and save energy for it. Maybe I’ll finish it this week, but I can’t promise myself anything.

Writing of the fanfic I’ve been talking about has been put on hold. I am not sure how to continue with the story, as this is the first time I’ve worked on multi-character story. Also, there’ve been a change of plans, as I want to make this more than just a fan fiction. Thus, I want to take my sweet time working on this.

Listening to Jung Yong Hwa’s Goodnight Lover. It’s hard to stay angry when this song suddenly plays, not that there’s something to be angry about just now. 😀

Thinking about how is it already Monday tomorrow.

Smelling the essential oil a friend gave me. It’s supposed to induce relaxation and give me calm mind, but I’ve yet to find out if it works. Though other one she gave me works, the one that’s supposed to keep me focused. I used it yesterday and was able to write two essays for my part-time writing shenanigan. I think I should write a separate entry on this.

Wishing it’s October so the Kpop albums I bought finally arrive.

Hoping I’d finish reading a book this week!

Wearing the MG shirt Maia gave me. I’ve been wearing this quite a lot these days.

Loving the realization I came up with earlier when we did our weekly Bible sharing. Apparently I’ve been doing a lot of processing–processing my thoughts and my emotions.

Wanting to go out but of course I can’t because I am immunocompromised.

Needing a new headset. I feel like the one I’m using right now is about to give up on me.

Feeling hungry. It’s 8:30 in the evening and I haven’t eaten dinner yet.

How was your week?

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