The Sunday Currently | 02

It’s long weekend, friends… tomorrow is a public holiday in the Philippines and naturally, there’s no clocking in for work. I don’t feel well-rested though – I still think about a lot of things that a three-day rest day won’t be enough. The entire work-from-home set up has been draining me, and I’ve been depriving myself of any negative emotions I might be feeling which I believe is bad for mental health. Whatever you’re feeling is valid, says one friend, and I want to believe her so bad. Anyway, I’m here for my second The Sunday Currently post, and I just realized I’ve been waiting to write this the whole past week.

Reading: I just started reading Strange Weather In Tokyo, influenced by the last book I’ve read, Before The Coffee Gets Cold. Japanese literature has its own character, it’s cleanly written and very straightforward,  plus the life lessons are reflected on how Japanese people value a lot of things, even the small ones.

Writing: I am still working on the fanfic, but it has become bleak. There’s another idea that popped in my head while I was in shower this morning, though. I hope I could work on it and produce a decent output by Christmas! 😀

Listening: CNBLUE’s Love In The Rain. It’s one of my favorite songs from their First Step (1) album. Oh, I did a CD unboxing on YouTube – right here! 🙂 Gosh, I can’t wait for my Jung Yong Hwa lightstick. It’s supposed to be delivered next week so hooray to that!

Thinking: About work, the way I said yes about the “favor” to be done on a holiday because I made it clear I wasn’t happy about it, the way another person volunteered to do it after I said yes, the way it makes me feel bad, the way it makes me look bad, the way I feel like it could be taken against me because it appears that I couldn’t be relied on to. Yeah, I am sorry I suck as a person.

Smelling: None

Wishing: Tomorrow never ends.

Hoping: I could find a stronger motivation to do what I do.

Wearing: The MG shirt Maia sent me last week and yellow shorts (it’s a different yellow shorts from last Sunday hahaha I have two).

Loving: My family and friends and the fact that we’re still okay… thank God, I love You most and I know You know that.

Wanting: A new vLive content from Yong Hwa.

Needing: To find a stronger motivation to do what I do.

Feeling: A little bit too tired.

How was you Sunday?



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