The Sunday Currently | 01

It’s ironic how I am running out of things to say yet my head is jammed with thoughts and there’s so many of them to the point of being tangled. My If We Were Having Coffee series have gone nowhere, maybe because it lacked the direction I need to somehow sanitize what’s on my mind. So here I am in 2020, starting my own The Sunday Currently. I first saw this in Maine Mendoza’s blog (my mom’s a fan) who says she saw this from SiddhaThornton and maybe this is worth a try too since I want this blog to be more active.

Anyway, let’s begin.

Reading: I just finished reading Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s Before The Coffee Gets Cold. I’ll be posting my review on this, as this makes it to my reading challenge list this year. I’m glad to be able to finish another book again, after several weeks of being into Kdramas and Korean variety shows.

I still haven’t decided which book I am going to read next, though.

Here’s my unread pile, do you have any suggestions?

Writing: Oh yes, I am working on a fanfic featuring my friends and some Kpop stars. 😀 If we’d turn back the time for a few months, I wouldn’t have any idea that I’d be doing this, I swear! But it’s fun and it appeared to be the key for me to start working on a new material again.

I also updated my bullet journal. My August theme is probably my least favorite, I miss the pink hues in the pages.

Listening: My On Repeat playlist is currently playing… Because I Miss You stays at number one, and it’s mostly CNBLUE songs now, and some Kdrama OSTs. 😀

Thinking: About the tuna sandwich we’d be making later for our Sunday bible sharing. This is the one thing I look forward to every week, as I get to spend time with a couple of friends over cups of coffee.

Smelling: Coffee. I moved the coffee maker to my room and make strong coffee, especially on days when WFH stress levels are taller than me.

Wishing: That my Jung Yong Hwa lightstick arrives this week!

Hoping: The coming week won’t be a stressful one (just wishfully hoping!).

Wearing: My standard white shirt and yellow shorts.

Loving: Jung Yong Hwa and Oh Sehun (wala po kaming malisya ni Sehun, bata pa siya!)

Wanting: A longer weekend, haha! I am coming from a long weekend now, and next week is another long weekend and I am still complaining? Proof that human beings can never be satisfied!

Needing: A new bed. This one right now is falling apart.

Feeling: Proud of myself for finishing a book and writing two blog entries just in one weekend.

How are you chilling this Sunday?

Stay safe, keep sane! Watch Kdramas!

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