I rummaged thru my old files and this happened

Oh yes, for once the traffic wasn’t so bad—I got home much earlier than my usual ten-thirty. Of course, I was pretty excited because that meant I’d be able to work on some of my projects list. I just finished outlining another story, so I thought of adding more words to the actual manuscript or maybe finish a chapter. But I didn’t do that, not right away. Instead I rummaged my old file folders, lingered a bit in the short stories sub-folder, and found some hidden gems. There were short stories, all written several years ago that reminded me of how I used to write. Wordy. Conflicts that are no longer (maybe) socially acceptable. And they all involve accidents.

I had no idea what to do with these back then. All I know is that, I wanted to write, and that I did. Plus, my frustrations toward the customers I handled during my long nights as a customer care specialist was just too much to behold I would sometimes just write them down. I put everything into words. I wrote when my heart bled, when my brain felt like fried, and my soul totally consumed. In the end, I was able to come up with these stories.

I may have an idea (or two) on what to do with them. But for now let me link some of them here and share them with you. These are the stories with the most decent number of words and decent grammar (I tried!)

Forgive And Forget

Welcome To My Heart

Where You Are

P.S. Criticisms are welcome, but please don’t be too harsh.

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