We Went to Pinto Art Museum


The weather forecast said there’d be downpour that afternoon, but it did not stop us from dolling up a bit and readied ourselves for another mini-adventure. I figured I needed updated pictures for this blog, and so I called up my ever-reliable friend/alpha-reader/soul-sistah Nicole to come with me and take pictures at the Pinto Art Museum.

Pinto Art Museum is located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo City, but anyone can go there. If you’re a commuter, it’ll just gonna take you one tricycle ride from Antipolo Cathedral. This Santorini-inspired museum has a lot to offer – from fine artworks of seemingly-underrated (or maybe I just haven’t heard of them) but super talented local artists, instagrammable corners for your winner IG shots, to cafes that serve superb meals.

We got there at around 3 p.m. or so, and with the skies threatening to cry out I knew there was no way we’d be able to visit all the galleries. But we were  still able to take a bunch of photos so there’s something I could use in this blog, and also, for me to have something to write for my first feature post.

This artwork has always made me sad for some reason. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this and I’ve always associated this with forbbiden/unrequited love.
This one gives me something more like the feeling of being sorry. I don’t know the title of this artwork and I know I should bother look at them titles, but, okay. I can’t be THAT pretentious.


This is gonna be my body when zombies finally caught me during the apocalypse. I swear!
This artwork amazed me because when the iPhone settings were inverted, the real colors emerged.







As you could see in the last photos, it was heavily raining while we were inside one of the galleries. Plus, the museum was closing at 6 p.m. so instead of roaming around some more in other galleries, we just decided to have coffee (of course, there’s coffee). That Cafe Rizal serves the best pudding it’s a shame I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

I recommend visiting this place during the dry season since the galleries are sorted out by buildings and you’d do lots of outdoor walking. Plus, the outdoor view are too gorgeous to miss.

Oh yeah, I can’t wait to go back there.

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