Scarlet Heart Ryeo: Wang So Broke My Heart in So Many Ways

This reaction might be well too late since the Kdrama in question was aired last year, but please–I just saw it (I just had the time). I want to steal this opportunity to tell you how Wang So broke my heart. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo was aired in August 2016, another historical drama that would probably push me to the endless pit of slumber if it was a book. But then, I doubt it, because Koreans really have this distinct way of creating visual media that would crawl into your veins and pierce your heart. Ouch!

Scarlet Heart is set during the Goryeo era, featuring the royal household of Taejo, its founder. Now, I’m not going to tire you with the details of the story, except for the romance between Hae Soo and Wang So, the fourth son of Taejo, and how he ripped of my heart in so many ways.
A lonely prince yearning for a mother’s love. Yeah, well, in the drama, Wang So is just so full of angst. He most of his early life being the adoptive son of another royal family, allegedly to give comfort to the mistress who lost his son. The fact that he had a scarred face pushed him further, to lead a harsh life, and shunned by his own brothers, his mother and the people of Goryeo.
His charm goes beyond limits. Okay, this, we owe to the fact that Lee Joon Gi is really gorgeous, and so Wang So’s badass character perfectly fitted him.
He had all the guts in the world to stand by his word. Unlike so many people these days, I noticed how this character tried to keep his word. I am not sure if it’s something that should be expected of someone like him (he’s a prince!). But then, I had some doubts because Wang Wook was equally royal (and charming!) but he didn’t fight for Hae Soo.
He was never afraid to give up things in order for him to get what he wants. Yep, a true mark of a great leader–you should be able to sacrifice in order to gain much more. Even if it was his beloved Hae So, in order for him to acquire the ever-coveted throne, he had to give her up. He was able to win her back though, since she never really gave up on him (actually, both of them).
Needless to say, I am still delirious after watching this Kdrama. Its Tagalized version just ended airing here in the Philippines, but I preferred watching it with subtitles for that maximum Kdrama marathoning experience. And it broke my heart nopt just because the ending was quite unacceptable (for me), but also because of the fact that this man who has the everything that a woman wants and needs is a fictitious character. Hahaha! At least, hindi pala ako halaman! πŸ™‚
I’m sure you’ve seen Scarlet Heart, too. What’s your favorite scene? Let’s talk about it in the comments section.
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